AirLink 6940NXP Wireless Multi-Gas Detector
  • AirLink 6940NXP Wireless Multi-Gas Detector

AirLink 6940NXP Wireless Multi-Gas Detector

  • Electrochemical, PID, or low power IR sensors
  • Wireless communication
  • 900 MHz radio and 52 networks
  •  2.4 GHz radio and 78 networks
  • AC powered with integrated backup battery pack
  • Graphical LCD with LED backlight
  • Adjustable background gas setting per setting
  • 4 Push-button interface (MENU, ADD, SUB, and BACK) with 4 corresponding magnetic, non-intrusive switches
  • Sensor warranty subject to factory verification
  • 1-Year limited hardware warranty


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The RKI AirLink 6940NXP series AC powered ambient air multi-gas detector simultaneously uses up to four sensor elements to detect an array of gases. The Assembly reports once a minute, however the reporting rate will increase to once every five seconds if the target gases exceed a preset background level. Operates from an AC power supply with an internal backup battery pack. Magnetic switches allow for non-intrusive calibration while in the field as well as full system settings and diagnostics.


Sensor Type Electrochemical, PID and / or low-power infrared sensor
Power Type AC power supply with integrated 3.6VDC/76 Ah backup battery pack
RF Connection External N-female radio frequency (RF) connector, flexible antenna included
Display Screen 160×104 Resolution graphical LCD screen

Transflective (sunlight readable) with LED backlight

Interface 4 Push-buttons (MENU, ADD, SUB, and BACK)

4 Magnetic non-intrusive switches for calibration (MENU, ADD, SUB, and BACK)

Customizable Settings Adjustable background gas setting (1% to 10% of full scale) settable per sensor element
Temperature Range -40°C to +60°C
Wireless Radio Options 900 MHz (200 mW) radio or 2.4 GHz (125 mW) radio
Networks 52 Networks (900 MHz radio) or 78 networks (II 2.4 GHz radio)

255 addresses per network

Product Dimensions 5 in. D x 10.5 in. W x 20 in. H (Max. dimensions with attachments)
Enclosure Material NEMA Class I, 4, 4X and 6 fiberglass enclosure with clear lid – IP 66, UL 508 and UL 746C (f1) rated
Hardware Warranty Limited one year
Sensor Element Warranty Varies with sensor element and is subject to factory verification
Compatible Controllers AirLink 7010, AirLink 7032, and AirLink 7543
Optional Remote Sensor Kit Electrochemical sensor — up to 250 feet of cable
Low power infrared sensor — up to 40 feet of cable
Photo Ionization Detector (PID) — up to 35 feet of cable
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